About Us

Liam talks like this. Tara talks like this.

How we met…

We actually met at a party a few years ago, but he doesn't remember it *pout*.

He does remember meeting me at a friend's Halloween party in 2005. We spent most of the party talking about nearly everything. And he nibbled on my wings (the fairy wings I was wearing with my costume—what were you thinking?)

How we fell for each other…

We started hanging out in the months following the party, gradually, since I was crazybusy. And, not dating, since neither of us were ready for that. He came over for my birthday in January and it was my best birthday evar! We played Go and he brought me amazing chocolate mousse and I got to enjoy his company for a good long stretch of time. Then we celebrated his birthday a month later. I remember walking into Union Station and seeing Liam waiting for me and thinking, "Wow! That gorgeous, wonderful guy is waiting for me?"

Sometime in March 2006 we began dating (or some would say, ended denial). We got engaged on December 31, 2006.

How we proposed…

We had know for about two weeks that we were going to get married to each other. We had picked a date that would allow as many friends as possible to come, and we had talked about certain things that we wanted out of the ceremony. The only thing left was to tell our friends about it!

Our wonderful friend Greykell throws a themed party every year, on New Year's Eve. Last year, the theme was "Muppets". This year, the theme was "Shakespeare". People would dress up in costume, and there would be a prize for the best monologue read (Shakespearean or otherwise). So I turned to Tara and asked her, "Are there any good proposal scenes in Shakespearean plays?"

Foolishly, she said, Oh yeah, there's a scene in Henry V somewhere. But there are these great battle sequences in the play, where Henry is fighting… But it was too late, I was already searching for the scene in question.

We found the scene and read it through. It was the proposal of King Henry to Catherine of Agincourt, a French princess who barely speaks English. Since it was traditional in Shakespeare's time for men to play the women's parts (and because I spoke French better than Tara!), I would play the part of Catherine, and she got to put on armor and play the part of Henry (the part with far more lines!).

We practiced in secret until the party. I wore a dapper dress from Tara's SCA wardrobe, and she wore her armor. The monologues were supposed to start much later in the evening, but we had another party to go to, and we wanted to get this done and bask in the congratulations that were sure to follow. So, we got Rich to set up the camera, got a lot of people's attention, and then started the scene. We did it without missing a line.

And then, the moment the scene was done and people applauded, I got down on one knee and asked Tara to marry me. She said yes, and everyone cheered!

And now I get to go home everyday and look into those amazing hazel eyes of his. And, however well the rest of my day went, it gets much better at that point! I never cease to find joy in his smile.

Gee, Liam and Tara are somewhat unconventional. I wonder what's their wedding is going to be like?

We are having a village or community wedding. This means we're asking everyone who's attending to help out in some way. This is the way weddings used to be done, for everyone except royalty. Everyone in the village pitched in. One reason for this is financial constraints (We considered eloping, but decided that we really wanted to celebrate our wedding with our friends and family.) Another reason is that the event is more meaningful if everyone's involved in some way besides being a spectator. So, there will be a few wedding professionals present, but most things will be do-it-ourselves. If you're interested in helping out with cooking, cleanup, setup or something else, please go here to let us know! And if you've already volunteered, please don't do so again—we want everyone to have plenty of time to enjoy the wedding and reception!