My invitation didn't have an RSVP card/envelope!
Liam and Tara embrace both environmentalism and technology. As such, we're handling all RSVPs over the web, right here on our site. If you have a problem with our RSVP form, please e-mail us.
Where are you getting married?
We are getting married at Adelphi Mill in Hyattsville, Maryland. You can find directions to the Mill on our directions page. It's over 200 years old, with beautiful wooden floors, a full kitchen, and some authentic mill machinery.
Where is the ceremony?
We are hoping to have our outdoor ceremony near a bend in the river, a short distance from the Mill itself. The ceremony will be standing room, so we plan on not making it too long! (If you need to be seated, we will happily make sure you have one, and an unobstructed view, but please let us know.)

In case of light rain, the ceremony will take place directly outside the Mill, in a stone courtyard. In case of heavy rain, the ceremony will take place inside the Mill, on the second floor.
How should we dress?
We have many friends of varying means and comfort with being dressed up. Therefore, we request that you dress formally, by your own, personal definition of formal. Please allow for the weather, your health is more important than your clothing!

For most people, that will probably mean morning dress, but you are welcome to try the style of formal dress that suits you.
Where is the reception?
The reception will be inside the Mill.
Will there be dancing?
Yes! Liam and Tara love vintage ballroom dancing, and have many friends that enjoy it as well (nearly half of the guests know Liam and Tara through dancing). As such, the music will feature waltzes, swing, blues, foxtrots, one-steps, and even old circle dances like bransles. So bring a good pair of dance shoes for the nice wooden floors of the Mill.

If the thought of dancing fills you with terror, don't worry. One of our friends is an excellent dance teacher, and has agreed to teach a very simple circle dance. And our many dancing friends would be happy to teach you a couple dance or two!
When is the wedding/reception/food/dancing?
We have a complete schedule for the whole day.
What is the menu?
Since both the couple and many of the guests are vegetarian, vegan, or have allergies, the reception will be a buffet. There will be a chicken curry, mushroom lentils, black bean stew, assorted fruit/vegetable trays, and desserts.
Where are you registered?
The most profound gift we've received is the support, love, friendship, and affection of friends and family in our relationship, in life, and in helping us execute our dream of a self-run village-style wedding. We can't thank you enough for your help and your friendship.

For those who wish to gift us with something material, we are registered at Amazon.